Assault in Syria – (long download)

Assault in Syria – The Big Picture –

This is what’s happening in Syria.

Its easy to say that the President should do something to stop the further use of chemical weapons.  Its also clear to me that the President should have done something sooner, before he boxed himself in to the current corner.  But WHAT to be done now; the specifics of the action.  And when; in specific; I don’t know.

I am waiting now, at 10:53 AM in Los Angeles, for what is supposed to be an address to the nation.  Based upon what I know, and feel, its already too late to make any remedial and effective action.  We’ve already lost what control of the situation that prompt, decisive  action could have provided.

Three minutes and the President speaks.  And I’m still equivocating.

Wish us well; all of us.


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