A Personal Note for A War Footing

– 1 –

I’m often in a reflecting mood this time of year.  The Summer is ending, The Fall is upon us.  “Fall” is the metaphor of the day.  The fall of America’s greatness is apparent, if the Presidency is the measure.  A leader IS suppose to lead, not dither.  He makes decisions and builds his case, consults with whomever, and takes his lumps at election day.  He keeps the peace during the interim, by keeping the military strong, the economy pumping, the will of the people alive and hopeful.  This President as done none of that!

One could say it takes courage to defy public opinion.  I haven’t seen that kind of courage.   I haven’t seen anything other than his prowess at golf, vacillating between various advisers’  points-of-view, and making a spectacle of himself on the G-20 stage.  Maybe I will be proven  wrong.  Maybe the President will summon the Congress and the public will after all.  I haven’t seen it in six years.  I’ve seen the will of the House and the people thwarted with Obama-care.

I wish him well.  And I’m holding my breath.

– 2 –

The Hoover Institution‘s mission statement states that it promotes “The principles of individual, economic, and political freedom; private enterprise; and representative government.  Among the scholars in residence is Frederick Kagan, Yale graduate, and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, whose take on American/European military history and strategy is often held in esteem.  And controversial.   Still, his opinions are worthy of discussion.

In this essay, Kagan talks about the differences between the world-views of European and American leadership styles; both Right and Left, and what these differences mean for foreign relations.  What does it mean, for example, when an American President looks for advice in a Euro-centric world?

In “Power and Weakness”, he claims that

“…it is more than a cliche that the United States and Europe share a set of common Western beliefs. Their aspirations for humanity are much the same, even if their vast disparity of power has now put them in very different places.”

And, because of these real power differences, the USA is more free to criticize, prod, and influence, the rest of the world.  Its a necessary difference, which makes me believe that going our own way cannot be avoided.  In fact, it is necessary for a peaceful world.

In conclusion, much as I want to avoid conflict, I think the President’s call to arms should be supported.

You can read the complete essay at http://www.hoover.org/publications/policy-review/article/7107



  1. Obama doesn’t HAVE a mind. He is a tool of the Plutarchs, just like all our presidents have been. Only Kennedy tried to defy them, and that didn’t go very well. There is no difference between the partys. They just make noises so we think we are making a difference. The American people, however, are finally getting wise to the corruption, and are pulling themselves out of the mess these insane psychopaths have deliberately gotten us into. Pretty soon, we will all tell them to sit down, shut the f–k up and let us handle it. .

    • It took me a long to respond to your comment, and I’m sorry for that. What got me ‘in a state’ was what seemed to be an anger in your tone. Nothing wrong with anger; when its constructive, I suppose. Its just not MY thing. My thing is understanding. My ‘thing’ is my belief that we all live on the same country, on the same planet, and ultimately we are going to compromise or die.

      So MY contribution to the discussion is ‘understanding’.

      Thank you for YOUR contribution.

      — — —
      (After I thought about it some more I thought

      we’re ALL going to die anyway, so maybe he’s right

      . So I guess I choose to die as an ‘understander’. There are so many more advocates, I hardly make a difference, I guess. That’s my ultimate decision.


  2. It’s a righteous anger. It comes from knowing that we, the American people, have been righteously butt-fucked by those who care nothing for us or humanity in general, but are only intent on their own personal ends: “NWO”. Do look at my latest post, and should you doubt me, read Carroll Quigley, John Loftus, Webster Tarpley, Ludwig Von Mise, take in a few of the videos and such on the John Birch Society website. Also, Mark Dice has some interesting books. There are more, but those will give you a good start. We have not chosen any president in the last 60 years, at least. There is really no difference between the parties, and Marx did not even write the communist manifesto. He was commissioned by Rothschild, just like Hitler didn’t write Mein Kampf. Like Obama, they were all fabrications of the same lunatics who are still trying to make us all into their own image. Bat-shit crazy, all of them

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