Who Am I?

— Pick your spot, Right here —

There’s no accounting for it.  Raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., in the 1950s, I was to meant become a New York City Liberal.  Slowly, through personal experiences, comprehensive discussion and reading, and great contemporary  and historical sources, the old Democrat slogans made less and less sense to me.  I’m trying to find myself in a new political world.

I am specifically NOT interested in polemics, the usual “yelling points” that comprise much of modern political discourse.   I’m finding that Conservatism can stand up to the greatest intellectual tests without name-calling or finger-pointing.  In further support of that thesis, I scour the web in my wheelchair and damaged body, arthritic fingers browsing the internet, looking for wisdom, not controversy.

In my former life, I was a Beverly Hills psychotherapist,’til a ‘brain-bleed’ stroke laid me low.  I care deeply for people, their daily travails, which mirror my own.  I enjoy poetry, creative nonfiction, theater, philosophy, the Humanities, family, and fun.  I love singing, and dancing rhythmically in my chair, to Motown, jazz,  Afro-pop, and world music.

Recently, a colleague of mine, a woman I admire and whose psychotherapeutic insights have guided be for years, heard I was reading conservative foundational documents.  Nothing revolutionary.  The Federalist Papers.  Edmund Burke.  Dennis Prager.  The economist Michael Oakeshott.  The next time we spoke I told her I felt as though I had been filleted; cut open for display in a fishmongers freezer.  She laughed; which was okay, she appreciates my linguistic skills.  And then she was not open to a discussion of my new ideas.

Not open to discussion?  But isn’t that what ‘liberal’ folks do?

So I am, here, learning.  And meeting other questioners.  Sharing our findings in open discussion, learning from our mistakes.  Growing.

Reciting ultimate existential question:  Who am I?

—–     —–     —–

All RESPECTFUL comments are encouraged.  After all, psychotherapy’s hallmark in respectful listening.


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